Hello Blogging World!

Hello world! This is the first post in Existential Poet Blog. There will be many more – mostly my haiku poetry. Occasionally I’ll write a non-haiku post, too. They will be categorized in General Posting… Just like this post! :)

Hope you visit again, soon.

2 thoughts on “Hello Blogging World!

  1. Hello, Evita2005,
    Well, what can I say? Some people make jokes… I occasionally do, too. But I’ve always been me. Still am, after all these years. Can’t seem to shake myself.

    Even when I’m doing my best to be serious, blah blah, I’m still the same me. And the funny business just wants to come out. But… not everyone gets it, or sees it, or thinks my voice is flat out LOLFunny.

    It probably helps that I have worked at a University, with tenured faculty (are you tenured in any form or fashion?). I’m lower caste so it’s in my job description to help them get through life as best they can… Just kidding, if any tenured profs are reading this.

    I have not written any haiku on Camus. But it sounds intriguing. And seems to rhyme, somehow. Camus haiku. In college we read “The Stranger” and it was a difficult book for me. I thought I didn’t “get” it, and kept ruminating about it.

    But the book is complex, with many questions raised. It might have been me, swimming in the “shallow end of deep.”

    See, I’m starting my first Camuku…

  2. Dear Existential Poet,

    I do not know how I happened on your blog, but I did, I laughed out loud at your essay on existentialism. I think your voice is flat out LOLFunny. I subscribe to your philosophy of funny-voicing philosophy. Do you do haikus on Camus? I would love to read that! eva

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