2 thoughts on “in my brain

  1. I appreciate the comments… This poem was written in the middle of the night when my brain lost control just like this. :(

    I’m now recording some of my own haiku. You know I got that idea from you! I don’t have anything like the sort of resonant voice you do. I have a Texas dialect, for sure. I already knew that. I guess it’s not too bad to have a regional “thing” though.

    But it was easy as pie to set up the voice recording.

    I’ve “sort-of” made peace with who I am, the world in which I live, and in which we all live. I grew up in the 60s and 70s, of course. It was interesting times and magical times. Often very turbulent times, and sometimes downright scary times. I don’t think that today the world is more scary or dangerous, actually.

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