Big change in this blog!

If you have logged on and think you are in a different country, no, you’re probably not. This is the former “Existential Poet” blog. Now it has a new name / domain name:

My Haiku World

I had been considering the older names for some time. The word “existential” while still a great word, concept, and philosophy, had really become a tag I use occasionally on some haiku. So the blog names were really not right, and every few dozen comments or so, someone would “inquire” about a haiku and its relation to existentialism.

My goal is to write haiku about various and sundry subjects. There are no limits or focus related to such philosophy any more. I may still maintain a rather existential attitude sometimes, but I don’t think that warrants the existential blog name. It was beginning to feel like a label, and I really don’t care to defend said label, or philosophy, anyway. I want to write haiku!

But anyway, thanks for stopping by the blog, regardless of its name!

4 thoughts on “Big change in this blog!

  1. I’ve updated my inspiration link… :) I hope this change takes away some of the stress of the existential label. Though I personally never saw an issue with it…

    • No, I think there probably was not much, or any, real issue with the name. Names are names, to get tautological about it. :)

      I’ve had various sorts of “questioning” before. One blogger said that my haiku didn’t “haiku.” That sort of bothered me, which was ridiculous, of course. It did get me back to Wiki, and other sources – digging deeper into what haiku really is all about, etc.

      So the net result was a deeper understanding of what haiku means – Japanese traditional, and my own style. But, I don’t really think that the commenter had that in mind. It just worked out that way, because I take this seriously, and don’t mind questioning my own motives, etc.

      I’ve already been through a lot of that with the “existential” label, though. I prefer to simplify, and focus on the haiku, on the work. And this is not so much about me, even though the haiku are filtered through a “me.” It’s about the process of writing the haiku. It’s not very much about a philosophy from 75 years ago.

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