out of proportion

out of proportion
my greatest adversary . . .
fear clutching the soul

4 thoughts on “out of proportion

    • It is a heavy one. It’s sort of the state I’ve been in lately. But now I’m feeling more lighthearted, I guess. Although if you read the haiku I just posted on my other blog, haikupause.com, I’m not sure. But it’s not too heavy, just nature doing its thing, I guess.

  1. interesting… perhaps I’m reading into this incorrectly (or I’m too morbid), but I read “death” into fear, though perhaps indirectly

    different from your usual – poetry of the inner landscape rather than the outer, so to speak

    • Well, it could be read as death. I think the reader might interpret as whatever their big fear might be. I’ve read that many people fear public speaking more than death! lol! And I notice that you do still see this as a landscape :)

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