two wings

two wings on flagstones
all that’s left of what once was . . .
murderous and cute

cat image

Murderous beastie...

11 thoughts on “two wings

    • Thanks, Laz. True, Cookie is a great cat. I have several that are full of character. Sometimes, just full of it! LOL!

      But I mostly enjoy them, except when it’s time for catbox duty, for the indoor cats. haha!! You know I’m not always laughing then!!

      I have an outdoor cat, Tommy Boy… He’s very friendly to me. You know cats have the side claw on their front paws. His are extended far to the front, so he walks on them. It looks odd. Plus! He has doubles. So that makes six claws on each front paw!

      He’s a terror in fights, and he’s always fought a lot! But he’s very friendly to me now. Sometimes he lets me rub his belly, and even pick him up! But I’ve seen him get into some really bad ass fights that were deadly serious. Head biting, scratching, all of it! Those males don’t fool around!

      • I need to write some haiku about Tommy Boy. Actually I have. He is the one who disappeared for six months! Then just started showing up again.

        He’s Cookie’s brother, btw…

  1. I dunno … I got two cats and what do we see in ’em? I guess they are so fundamentally alive!! Even as I feel sometimes chained to a proscribed life my cat can knock my alarm clock right off my table!


    • She is quite a cat! I keep trying to get a picture of her lying on the low branch of the desert willow tree with one leg hanging down like a panther! She does that often… :)

    • Well, I was harshing on Cookie, I guess. He’s a she! lol

      She is a beautiful cat, it’s true. And I don’t know 100% for sure that this was her doin’ I have seen her come really close, though. She would if she could! I suspect she has. It might have been Barney, or Mac (not sure if Mac is male or female).

      Mac is afraid of me, and runs if I get close. There are other backyard cats, too, but not full-time occupants. :)

  2. I took a picture of the flagstone path with two forlorn looking bird wings and the tiny feathers strewn about. Nothing else left. But I decided that this cute picture of the butcher of the backyard was better…

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