4 thoughts on “his haiku

  1. Things are good ,Rob!
    I hope you are well… your poetry is great!
    Starting a new job in the near future…audio/video/home theater stuff……….. :)
    should be fun, and I still write poetry weekly for the Out Reach Connection…in Toronto here…this paper is sold by homeless folks and unemployed people and puts a few bucks in their pocket, not mine… it’s all good
    I cannot complain,man.
    I do not tweet (yet)…only to the Birds…
    and in poetry :)

    All the Best,
    Peace to you,Rob

    • Sounds like a really good job you are starting. I love audio/video/home theater stuff!

      Tweeting to the birds and in poetry is a good thing!

      Later, dude,
      Rob Doggie

  2. Thanks, Laz! How are things with you? I’ve been writing quite a few haiku lately. I’m posting more on my tumblr blog, haikudomain.com

    I won’t stop writing here, though.

    Do you tweet?

    I try to post all my ku on twitter.

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