5 thoughts on “earthly garden

  1. Never ever give up on what you want to achieve…listen to me telling YOU!! It’s just that I have made it a priority that it’s time for me and the things I like doing..now!! You are so multi talented Robert…I love that music and can’t wait to hear more!! Hope you have a good week, sorry not coming here earlier…been busy seeking the good weather this weekend. xx

    • No need for any apologies, Amanda… I’m glad you come around to visit. So your weather is good there now? :) I might start writing music again before too long. It’s pestering me again. I had a dream not long ago. An entire composition dream. It was a beautiful thing, but I don’t remember it now. Doesn’t matter, really. There are more, I’m sure, waiting…

    • Yes, I finally did upload a couple (so far). Many are still sitting on the Amiga harddrive. (I think I already said that :)) Perhaps they will someday be turned into music again, but I don’t know when. The mixer was “loaned” out years ago – gone now.

      I’ve thought about rebuilding a new system to compose and record again. I want to do it. Since I was in elementary school I dreamed of it… started in the band, clarinet (woo hoo!) Then guitar lessons, piano, voice, well, it just didn’t quite come together for me, somehow.

      It’s not easy being a success as some sort of idiot savant or whatever the case might be. I knew the music was in me, but it was not easy to make it come out right. And these still don’t sound right. I have dreams of entire compositions… Know what I mean?

      They sound fantastic in my dreams. Try to make it happen in the waking world. It gets a little bit more involved… haha

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