5 thoughts on “her last day

    • You are? My retirement day can’t come too soon! I’ve had enough, but still can’t leave. Oh well, gotta keep doing my best, and smiling. Of course I have no enemies there – all my friends. Not that everybody makes it easy, every day! haha

      Work is just like that sometimes! :):):) I used the Amanda triple smile! lol

      • Same here, I am looking forward to that so much, doing so much travelling and just enjoy.,…but not yet :( In saying that, don’t think I’ll ever just not do anything…too much life…too much energy…not enough time!! Love you using the triple smile…right back at you x

    • I know what you mean, Charles. It’s hard to believe I would forget her. She was the office manager when I started there, 15 1/2 years ago. I had a hard time watching her walk out the door and into the parking garage (I might write another haiku about it).

      But already I think some where I work have moved on. Faculty don’t care about the staff that much, usually, I think.

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