just to say

ran after, calling
and she came back just to say . . .
i watched my friend leave

4 thoughts on “just to say

    • Oh, definitely! I’m glad that came through. I didn’t want it to come through like a train, but to come through in a more subtle but, noticeable fashion.

      It’s not like a chapter is over. It’s more like a new book is being written here now. She was the last staff person who worked here when I started. Somehow, that seems to be some sort of “important” emotional marker for me. I’m not totally sure why. Perhaps a lot of it is the length of time – over fifteen years. But it’s not all. It’s her, and my relationship with her, of course.

  1. well put… must be a difficult transition to make for you… I’m sorry

    on a side note, I have to say that I really enjoy how often your header image changes… gives your blog a very “fluid” feel… if I weren’t inherently lazy (I’ll just tell myself I don’t have the time), I’d switch mine up a little more often… :)

    • It is difficult, and filled with a lot of emotion. A lot has happened through the years, and I’m glad that she and I have parted on such good terms. I gotta tell ya, there were times when things were not quite as pleasant. But it’s all in the distant past – I’m so glad for that… :)

      You mentioned the headers! I like to change them. In fact, I think I don’t quite change them often enough.

      I really appreciate your comments. I know I like the changes, but wasn’t too sure about what others thought.

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