timeless reverie

between sun and moon
only timeless reverie
keeps us together

4 thoughts on “timeless reverie

    • You may be right. Like I was saying, I actually wasn’t too sure what I had, after I wrote it. Now I’m talking like I knew exactly, but when it first came off the keyboard, I remember I was on a part of the rollercoaster that was making me a little disoriented and dizzy.

      I may have to take back what I said about being “exactly” what I intended. It’s hard to describe how this one has come about. Now it looks just right. How did it get to this place? That’s a little bit of a mystery, I think.

      It seems just right now…I think I need to say, that now it’s come to “exactly the place” that I want it to be. That’s more like it, but it doesn’t help my “poet’s ego” too much!

    • But when I got this one published, and read it back, it’s… I wasn’t sure where I “ended…”

      And it’s exactly what I intended, actually. I wrote a haiku of poetic love melancholia. There isn’t an “end,” but it’s not quite sad, either…

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