will she rise

awaiting the queen . . .
will she rise from the darkness
adorned in silver

14 thoughts on “will she rise

    • Yeah! That’s what I love to see… Samantha posting haiku on my blog :) It’s been too long. A really fine one, too, Samantha.

      Anybody else is certainly free to post haiku in their comments. I always love to read them, and other visitors to this blog do, too!

      Sam, you are really writing some awesome ku! This one is fab-u-lous!

      • well thank you.. What can I say? You and your haiku inspire me. =) Thanks.

        And yes… been too long… been busy, yes… just trying to keep up with the rest of the world…

      • I have had a lot of commenting lately – which is a good thing! :) But this one almost slipped by. I know what you mean, Sam. I am really much busier than usual, it seems…

        I’m just glad you are willing to drop around when you have a couple of minutes! :)

  1. Just here to say that among all the many posts on twitter, I suddenly paused and rested, caused by this mysterious poem. I love it, I love your queen, let her shine forever !
    Thank you.

    • Hello, Edjo Frank! Welcome to my blog, and thanks for your comments. I’m glad you stopped by my blog. It gave me the chance to get to meet you a little bit, and visit your blog as well. It looks good! Keep up the good work, my friend! :)

  2. I fall in love with the moon again and again and again… AND everytime I read your Moon Haiku!!!
    Loved this one, Robert… She is THE queen indeed!

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