who are we

tell us, who are we . . .
heaven vibes and earth currents
flow through fading souls

4 thoughts on “who are we

  1. So weird Rob,
    love the haiku :)
    Thank you
    I just picked up Donovan’s greatest hits,on vinyl,used
    a couple of months ago…
    Peace to you,Hurdie Gurdie, Bloggie Full Moon Doggie

    • Weird, yes! Donovan weird, for sure. So you are an aficionado! Vinyl lover… Takes me back for sure.

      Wear you love like heaven, Laz Man! You’re one of the Full Moon Doggie Clan! Charles is, too! :)

    • Me, too. I’ve loved this song since around 1968. That was such a year for music. Maybe all years are, but it just seemed like a special music year.

      This was not, however, an instance of me liking a song, and writing a haiku to go with it. I wrote this haiku and then thought about a song to accompany it. And “Hurdy Gurdy Man” came to me. As soon as I thought of it, I know it was the one! :)

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