4 thoughts on “heart is beating

  1. such a feeling of warmth and serenity here… so busy at work I wasn’t going to make the blog circuit today, but I told myself I NEED to take a little break for poetry or all these tax returns are going to drive me batty… so glad I stopped to breathe in a haiku or two… thanks for the uplift!

    • Yes, it is that, for me, and apparently you and Kavita, as well…

      Now I know a little bit more. You are working on tax returns. ha! I’ve done a little bit of that. My father was a tax attorney. I worked for him way back when, in the early 80s. I even went to law school for a semester, down in Houston. That was plenty, thank you.

      He really wanted me to continue, of course, but I picked up the energy of that place – there were skyscrapers going up all over, and art galleries, quite a few! So my wife moved down there, too, and in about 3 years I was in my first art gallery.

      Ok, I didn’t mean to go off like that. haha

      Anyway… the things we all do.

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