6 thoughts on “ball and chain

  1. Wow…I agree with the above comments…not good :) Sorry for my absence Robert, been sooo busy but after Wednesday, things will be better!! Take care my friend xx

    • I’m okay. But I’m missed seeing my friend Amanda buttercup600 around. I’ve definitely noticed your absence! :) :) :) Yeah, needed a triple smiley for this… lol

    • Oh, probably… Sometimes old stuff gets stirred up for some reason, it seems. :) haha I’m glad to see your comments here again. It’s been quite a while! You used to visit more, but I’m not guilt trippin’ ya. Just nice to see familiar friends again. I used to visit more blogs, too. I’ve been quite preoccupied with personal stuff lately.

      And you know, I never see Bliss Bait anymore :(

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