different ilk

what if I get fixed
and being fixed spells trouble . . .
a different ilk

2 thoughts on “different ilk

    • Hello, tokyo5… Welcome to my blog, and thank you for your visit, and comment. Also for the link to your essay on haiku. I will read it carefully when I get to work, later.

      I was always interested in poetry, because my mother was an English professor, so she read it to me. But not so much haiku. Anyway, I was trying to write my own poetry as a youngster, and then in college in creative writing.

      I kept it up, though I switched majors to studio art. But longer poems were always a little frustrating to me for some reason. Just too much “stuff” to deal with, I guess. I still occasionally write them, though.

      Then, a little over a year ago, something just came to me that I needed to try to write haiku. I must have read some. So I began, on my first haiku blog, Haiku Pause

      The first month I was completely obsessed! I wrote over 500 haiku! I could barely think of anything else! And since then it’s been my passion. Lately I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life that have slowed me down, but I will never stop writing haiku again. It’s part of my spiritual journey now. I love writing haiku!! :)

      You probably didn’t need such a long explanation. haha Well, I did get too obsessed. I have 5 blogs now. And soon I will probably slow down on this one. It has already happened. It’s full, and hard to find haiku, on it, with 1,644 haiku, that’s getting to be quite a lot!

      Again, thanks for visiting!

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