6 thoughts on “human noise

    • Well thanks, Pablo :) and welcome to my blog. I’m not as active on this one anymore. I wrote 1660 haiku on this blog and that seemed like too many to search through. So I began another blog, refractedmoon.com I haven’t been writing as many, and it’s taking longer to fill up. Perhaps it’s good that I’ve slowed down. I’m not in a race with anybody, really…

  1. I wonder where the noises stem from when in isolation… Is one in a room, trapped, and unable to partake? Is one a captor? Are you in an apartment where you are lonely, but consoled (and given hope) by the sounds of others? Fascinating thoughts stemming from your poem. Keep writing! :)

    • Thanks, Charles :) I’m glad to hear from you. I’ve been so busy at work for months – makes it much harder to focus on the creativity. I just have to do what I can, when I can. I know you understand that!

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