Blog Migration – new blog:

It’s that time again… :) I think I’ve made the move in my mind already. On to another blog with my haiku. Another blog migration. This one has filled up with haiku. So it’s time to add another leaf to my haiku tree. Hmmm. I wonder if that domain name is taken? lol If not, well – don’t take it before I get there! hahaha

I will probably add to this post, as soon as I make the decision as to what blog is the next wordpress “official home” of me and my haiku.

To be continued…

So, since I already have another blog ready to go (and I’ve been posting to it from time to time) I’m going to use I’ve decided to continue with my blog refractedmoon. If any of you bloggers and haiku fans want to read some of my new haiku, you will need to look there, mostly. I’ll still write a few haiku here, and even on Haiku Pause. I still love this blog and Haiku Pause. I just don’t need to keep expanding them 1000 haiku per year or more! :)

You know, in her comment left on my new blog (not all that new, really) Sarah Whitely, my good poet friend) says that what I keep doing is more of a blog migration (not as much of a blog mitosis, as I had been calling it) like birds. I really like that. She knows something about what’s going on with me, through my haiku writing, and blog behavior. So that’s the term we’re using now – we likey! :) A blog migration. It really is more like a migration, when I think about it. How does she know me better than me? :)

Be sure to visit Sarah’s blog ebbtide

New Twitter “Tweet Button”! & Tweet Widget!

Oh look! Now all my haiku posts have a tweet button. Isn’t that just marvy? If you’re a twitter type, like me, it’s such a welcome addition wordpress has made. Thanks, wordpress! :)

BTW, I’m ahaikupoet on twitter, so you can follow my haiku tweets. You know I have 5 haiku blogs, and I tweet all my ku. Yes, I du.
And, I have the new tweet widget installed, too. So you can see the tweets from my 5 blogs… Oh yeah!

Big change in this blog!

If you have logged on and think you are in a different country, no, you’re probably not. This is the former “Existential Poet” blog. Now it has a new name / domain name:

My Haiku World

I had been considering the older names for some time. The word “existential” while still a great word, concept, and philosophy, had really become a tag I use occasionally on some haiku. So the blog names were really not right, and every few dozen comments or so, someone would “inquire” about a haiku and its relation to existentialism.

My goal is to write haiku about various and sundry subjects. There are no limits or focus related to such philosophy any more. I may still maintain a rather existential attitude sometimes, but I don’t think that warrants the existential blog name. It was beginning to feel like a label, and I really don’t care to defend said label, or philosophy, anyway. I want to write haiku!

But anyway, thanks for stopping by the blog, regardless of its name!

Thanks Everybody!

You might notice my new pagerank button near the bottom of the sidebar (on the right side). I just checked and found that the google pagerank has risen from a 2 to 3! Yaay! What does that mean, exactly?

Well, it means that there are a lot of backlinks to this blog, and more traffic. Of course I’m happy about it :) I’ve been at this sort of thing for several years, first with websites and now, rather seriously with my blogs.

The step up to a pr of 4 is exponential – it’s such a step at each level. I hope to get there, of course. But I’m glad things are going as well as they are.

And again, thanks for the support, everybody. I hope I can continue to write haiku that everybody gets a little enjoyment from, now and again…

– Existential Poet Robert