New Twitter “Tweet Button”! & Tweet Widget!

Oh look! Now all my haiku posts have a tweet button. Isn’t that just marvy? If you’re a twitter type, like me, it’s such a welcome addition wordpress has made. Thanks, wordpress! :)

BTW, I’m ahaikupoet on twitter, so you can follow my haiku tweets. You know I have 5 haiku blogs, and I tweet all my ku. Yes, I du.
And, I have the new tweet widget installed, too. So you can see the tweets from my 5 blogs… Oh yeah!

Big change in this blog!

If you have logged on and think you are in a different country, no, you’re probably not. This is the former “Existential Poet” blog. Now it has a new name / domain name:

My Haiku World

I had been considering the older names for some time. The word “existential” while still a great word, concept, and philosophy, had really become a tag I use occasionally on some haiku. So the blog names were really not right, and every few dozen comments or so, someone would “inquire” about a haiku and its relation to existentialism.

My goal is to write haiku about various and sundry subjects. There are no limits or focus related to such philosophy any more. I may still maintain a rather existential attitude sometimes, but I don’t think that warrants the existential blog name. It was beginning to feel like a label, and I really don’t care to defend said label, or philosophy, anyway. I want to write haiku!

But anyway, thanks for stopping by the blog, regardless of its name!

Featured Blog:Poetry – me blog!


All the fame and glory was great, but it was too much pressure! :)

This blog, Existential Poet, was the featured blog for a day or so, under the poetry tag. It was a nice thing to have. But now I’m back to “relative” obscurity. Just back in the posting flow. And that feels just fine. No more trying to post a bunch of haiku to “stay on top” or whatever trips the algorithms. lol!

New Widget ~ Blog Carnival !

I’m happy to add the Blog Carnival icon to the right sidebar. If you aren’t quite sure what a Blog Carnival is all about, I’m posting the definiton off the Blog Carnival website:

A Blog Carnival is a particular kind of blog community. There are many kinds of blogs, and they contain articles on many kinds of topics. Blog Carnivals typically collect together links pointing to blog articles on a particular topic. A Blog Carnival is like a magazine. It has a title, a topic, editors, contributors, and an audience. Editions of the carnival typically come out on a regular basis (e.g. every Monday, or on the first of the month). Each edition is a special blog article that consists of links to all the contributions that have been submitted, often with the editors opinions or remarks.

There is so much stuff in the blog-o-sphere, just finding interesting stuff is hard. If there is a carnival for a topic you are interested in, following that carnival is a great way to learn what bloggers are saying about that topic. If you are blogging on that topic, the carnival is the place to share your work with like-minded bloggers.

Blog Carnival is the place to come to find carnivals you are interested in, to submit your blog articles to carnivals where they belong, and to organize and maintain carnivals.

I’ve had some of my haiku published on blog carnivals. I hope you visit them. I think blog carnivals are great ways to enrich the blogging experience.

Best of Me Symphony

Writing-Prompt Carnival Blog Carnival

Blog Carnival Index - browse the archives

Sunshine Blog Award


Award for this blog!

Yesterday I received this award from my good blogging friend, Yousei Hime. Her blog is Shiteki Na Usagi… It means poetic rabbit. She is certainly poetic! Be sure to visit her blog, if you haven’t already. It’s a very popular blog, and that’s as it should be. :)

I’m to pass this award along to 12 more blogs. I’m already working on my list. I have some in mind, of course. Some were on Yousei’s list. No fair! lol! But I’m sure I can find 12 blogs easily enough. In fact, it will be hard to stop at 12. But it’s sort of a discipline thing, as I see it, for me. This award will spread naturally, as it’s supposed to. Like sunshine…

And thanks again, Yousei! You have been a real inspiration to me. And your blog is truly a ray of sunshine for many bloggers. I hope that more and more bloggers are attracted to your blog. It’s a special place.

Now I need to go find some blogs, too. I’m starting my list with these:
Conversations with a Mystic
The I and The Not I
Sam I am (Not)
Rose Appleby